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We celebrated the 1st AI Summit

As generators of value for the business, being the bridge between suppliers and customers, we have celebrated together with Santander, the first AI Trends Summit in the Financial City to demonstrate the clear commitment of the Group for innovation.

  • Suppliers are the gateway to the latest trends on which we develop products and services.
  • Having a map of global-local suppliers, bigtech or start-ups gives us a privileged market knowledge.
  • In a world increasingly focused on the collaborative economy, we know that relying on the best partners ensures the development of the best services to meet the increasingly demanding needs of our customers.
  • Establishing long-lasting and trusting relationships with our suppliers allows us to be the first to know and deploy pioneering solutions in the market.

We know that Artificial Intelligence is completely changing the way we do business. And in the moment of global transformation in which we find ourselves, approaching innovation and promoting knowledge is key to achieving our strategic objectives.