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Aquanima and Deloitte: 1st Procurement Transformation Event

On October 3rd, the Financial City hosted the 1st event between Aquanima Grupo Santander and Deloitte focused on the Transformation of the Purchasing Function.

The session was led by Laura López Pulgar, Head of Europe at Aquanima, who highlighted the growing strategic importance of the Procurement Function and the crucial role of the Procurement Director in the creation of value.

Juan Pérez de Ayala Esquivias, Managing Partner of FSI at Deloitte, and Antonio Román, Business Director of Santander Spain, opened the debate on the role of the Function from the perspective of the Senior Management of Banco Santander. Highlighting the strategic evolution of the Purchasing Function in organizations.

Vicente Segura and Imanol Martín Ortiz de Landázuri, Partners and Senior Managers of Deloitte Consulting, presented the conclusions of the global study "Challenges and Trends in the Purchasing Function". This was followed by a round table on Digitalization as a transforming force, which included leading industry experts: Gerard Sanz, Consulting Partner at Deloitte, Carlos Jorge Granadino, Group Procurement Director at IAG, David Ricard, Head of Procurement at Repsol, Jesus I., Head of Global Purchasing at Amadeus and Jorge de la Vega, CEO of Aquanima, who highlighted the excellent results at Aquanima thanks to its commitment to Artificial Intelligence.

The final touch was provided by Beltrán Morenés, Partner at Deloitte, and Jorge De la Vega, who shared their respective visions on the need for procurement transformation that companies have and how Deloitte and Aquanima can help them, jointly, in all parts of the process