About Us

Our Values and Codes of Conduct

At Aquanima we are committed and guided by deeply ingrained values based on fairness and diversity, both in the services we provide to customers and the suppliers and wider network of stakeholders we work with. Our key principles are:

  • Compliance with the highest ethical standards.
  • Loyalty to our customers.
  • Fairness towards those we negotiate with.
  • Professional excellence and integrity.


These values are based on our codes of conduct:

  • Always maintain the highest levels of professional competence.
  • Avoid any unethical or compromising behaviour in relationships, actions and communications.
  • Show commitment to our customers, diligently follow their directives and always protect their interests.
  • Avoid any personal or professional activity that could create a conflict of interest.
  • Neither request nor accept money, loans, credits, discounts, gifts, entertainment, favors or services that might influence or give the appearance of influencing procurement decisions.
  • Duly protect information the customer identifies as confidential.
  • Promote impartiality and transparency in all our processes.
  • Maintain respect and integrity in the relationships with buyers, suppliers and business partners.


Our principles of relationships with suppliers are:

1. During the negotiation process the supplier will be provided with clear and accurate information about the requirements in order to be able to adequately submit a proposal.
2. Transparency, competition and non-discrimination of suppliers in the negotiation process is encouraged.
3. All information managed during the process of negotiation and execution of the contract by both parties is confidential and will remain undisclosed to third parties.
4. The evaluation of commercial, operational and financial capacities of the suppliers may be done periodically, so they may be requested to provide information certifying the above.
5. Suppliers must commit to meet both local and national legislation regarding labour, environment and social relations.
6. The supplier shall guarantee the delivery of the product or the provision of the service with the level of quality requested and agreed upon.
7. Those suppliers working through Aquanima will be encouraged to comply with the 10 points that make up the United Nations Global Compact principles.


Download the Ethical Commitment in Cost Management