Aquanima stands for a holistic spend management approach

  • Challenge the necessity of incurring costs: Before embarking on a cost optimisation project, we challenge and question the status quo: Is the product or service necessary in the first place? How is your team procuring certain products and services? Can we consolidate demand to drive better service levels or pricing? How and by whom is the money being spend? Is there visibility and control of the costs incurred?
  • Helping you choose a solution and level of service that best meets your needs: Only if all of the previous questions have been addressed would we move on to the more obvious questions, i.e. is the service provider and procured product/service indeed the best fit for your requirements- and helping you choose and decide on alternative suppliers that might better cater to your needs.
  • Reaching out to the suppliers best suited to provide you with an optimal service.
  • Establishing a competitive process that guarantees the lowest possible price.
  • Implementing a contractual agreement with a supplier or suppliers.