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Aquanima is

Technological Innovation

With a history spanning more than 20 years, our business has grown to be a leader in the sector thanks to our unique identity that we have built year after year. We combine traditional purchase management and the best professionals, with innovative and efficient processes.

One of our fundamental pillars to achieve this is technology. We are working to integrate solutions such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, mobility and Blockhain in order to add value to our processes.

Thanks to our technology, we are able to meet the changing needs of our customers, both globally and locally. In short, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and innovative solutions to improve our end-to-end processes.


In Aquanima, we work every day so that our clients enjoy simplicity, transparency and accessibility in our negotiations and contracts.

Therefore, our App is oriented to fulfill this function. Our clients can monitor the status of their projects at any time or place, which considerably reduces time and effort when consulting important information and documents.

We work to be closer to our clients, simplifying our day-to-day to make yours easier.


Our clients can access their contracts and negotiations in detail and in several languages via the app.

The App’s dashboard allows for easy identification of negotiations and contracts where it is possible to see the different stages of the process: ongoing, completed etc., including a timeline of all steps until the end of the process. Additionally, this data is conveniently reflected in a summary chart of the total negotiations.

Finally, all documents relating to each negotiation are available for downloading (i.e. Specifications, Final Report and Contract).

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